Man Killed by His Own Rooster on the Way to a Cockfight

man in India was killed by what is apparently the world’s greatest fighting rooster on his way to test said rooster in the ring, at a cockfight in southern India’s Andhra Pradesh state.

The rooster, obviously, had other plans. Instead of killing its brothers for sport — and for the amusement of their heartless masters — this particular rooster wanted out. So it attacked 50-year-old Saripalli Chanavenkateshwaram Rao and cut his neck with the blade that was attached to its claw while trying to escape.

Rao, who was purportedly a regular at cockfights and a father of three, was taken to a hospital to be treated for the severe injury but he later died from a stroke while being cared for.

Cockfighting, which has been illegal in India since 1960, is still a hugely popular sport in the country and is a frequent cause of problems for authorities.

You live by the cock, you die by the cock, apparently. At least Rao died, well, if not doing something he loved then on the way to do something he loved. Unfortunately, that thing he loved was… torturing chickens for sport. And that came back to bite him in the ass, or, rather, claw him in the neck.

But I sort of get it. Cricket is really boring and I’m not sure what other sports are both popular and high quality in India. How else was Rao supposed to get his sports kicks? I mean, personally, watching some chicken’s entrails spill out onto a dirty floor does not sound as appealing as watching a basketball game or whatever, but who is to say what I would be into if my options were limited. Maybe I’d want to take a seat in the crowd of a henhouse-sized thunder dome to watch rooster bloodsport too? Eh, probably not.

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