This Woman Was So Fed Up With Her Neighbor’s Loud Music That She Baked Him A Cake

If you’ve ever gotten fed up by a noisy neighbor, this hack is for you. Candice Marie Benbow was just wanted to get some sleep when her neighbor decided to throw a party and blast music from his apartment at three in the morning. Amit anger, Candice took the time to send a message to her noisy neighbor in the nicest way possible.

Candice got to work and wrote a tongue-in-cheek note to her neighbor, lamenting on how she expects to hear his music every evening and how she loves to hear some of her favorites and learn about some new songs she didn’t know before. She left the note on her neighbor’s doorstep along with a pound cake and shared her experience on Twitter. Get the popcorn and the tissues people, this is Twitter gold.

pound cake letter
Twitter: @CandiceBenbow

The letter went on to document what she could have been doing at that time in the night rather than be rattled awake by his music. She went on to share that she decided to bake him a cake around 4 AM, she stated she was being more considerate than he was.

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