Man Caught Faking His Fall Before Filing Insurance Claim

Some people, like George Clooney and Matthew McConaughey, are naturally talented. They can captivate an audience to tears with a single glance, bring people to their feet with a whisper of a word, and have panties flung at them for being, well, them. They got acting chops to make anything they do onscreen believable. However, some of us aren’t lucky enough to be that talented and this New Jersey man showed the world that if you are a bad actor, you’ll never get away with insurance fraud.

An independent contractor, Alexander Goldinsky, of Randolph, New Jersey was working under the company, All Gold Industries, and was subcontracted to do some work at a business in Woodbridge, New Jersey. While working, he decided to get a drink and all alone, he slips on a patch of ice cubes and waits to be rescued. The business calls an ambulance and sends him off to the hospital. Poor guy, right?

Wrong. After looking over surveillance video footage it’s pretty clear this guy didn’t earn high marks in his high school acting class.


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