Can You Find All The Triangles In This Image?

Calling all optical puzzlers/ math experts/ brainteaser aficionados! Are you ready to make your brain hurt? That’s exactly what this triangle puzzle will do, and let me tell you, it isn’t fun. The seemingly ‘simple’ new brainteaser asks one to calculate the number of triangles in a picture, leaving the Internet, and me, baffled by the answer.

The drawing is simple. Created by Doctor ASKY, also known as Kumar Ankit, it has been shared over a hundred thousand times on Facebook. Ankit is an engineering student from India, and designed this geometric puzzle, posting it to Quora to see if people understand the logical explanation and reason behind it. What is so bizarre about this is that it is just a simple sketch, a dumb sketch on a paper, that asks users to calculate how many physical triangles it contains. Take a look at it below. Can you figure out the correct answer?

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