MOVIE TRAILER: ‘The Craft’ Meets ‘Suspiria’ – Official Trailer for Witch Horror ‘Coven’

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Coven Trailer

“Our destinies are intertwined.” Uncork’d Entertainment has debuted the official trailer for an indie horror film titled Coven, which is not the most original title for a witch story. Described in the marketing as “The Craft meets Suspiria“, the low-budget film is about five undergrad witches that come together in order to perform a ritual to invoke the ancient powers of the witch Ashura. One of them gets carried away, and starts absorbing more and more power. So the others have to take her down. Starring Lizze GordonJennifer CipollaMargot MajorAdam Horner, and Terri Ivens. This looks like such a cheesy, bland film with some seriously awful VFX. And it doesn’t even look like it might be good-bad or fun to watch, only bad-bad.

Here’s the official trailer (+ new poster) for Margaret Malandruccolo’s Coven, direct from YouTube:

Coven Poster

Five undergrad witches come together in order to perform a ritual to invoke the ancient powers of the witch Ashura. The leader of the coven gets carried away and accidentally kills one of the witches during the ritual. She needs the strength of a complete coven to invoke Ashura’s powers and sends them out to find a final witch. As she absorbs power the surviving girls plot to take her down but the possessed witch unleashes hell on campus with only one witch left to stop her. Coven is directed by filmmaker Margaret Malandruccolo, making her feature directorial debut after a number of shorts previously. The screenplay is written by Lizze Gordon. This hasn’t premiered at any festivals or elsewhere, as far as we know. Uncork’d will debut Malandruccolo’s Coven direct-to-DVD / VOD starting on July 14th this summer. Anyone into it?

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