Newlywed Nurse Helps Car Crash Victim While Still in Her Wedding Dress

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A few hours after saying “I do” on their wedding day, Rachel Taylor, a nurse from Minnesota, decided to help out a stranger in need. Rachel and Calvin Taylor got married in an outdoor ceremony and were driving home from their wedding when they came across an accident on the road. When they arrived at the scene, the newlyweds stopped, and Rachel when into nurse mode and decided to put her medical skills to work.

At the time of the car crash, Tammy Peterson had arrived at the scene to help her son, who was involved in the incident. She rushed to the scene to “check out the damage on his fender.” But, the mother also found herself injured after a black Chevy Tahoe slid through an intersection and ran into the back of the van which caused a car to pile up and pinned her against one of the wrecked cars.

Peterson said she remembers waking up and seeing Rachel in her wedding dress who told her she was a nurse. Rachel said that while helping Peterson during the scary situation, it reminded her of her days during nursing school when she would help pregnant women keep calm during their labor. She noted it was, “kind of flashed back to when I was in nursing school and I would help the moms in labor. I got pretty good at talking them through and calming them down. So, I was saying a lot of the same things.” The nurse had initially stopped because she saw a couple of people dragging the woman to the side of the road, and noticed a gash in her right leg, with a bone sticking out.

Peterson later thanked Rachel for helping her by comforting her during the trauma. She stated, “She kept me calm. I think she helped save my life, even more, you know, just physically and mentally being there at that time.” The woman also thanked the couple for stopping and wished them a happy marriage.

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