These Terrible Toys Should Definitely Be Taken Off The Shelves

1. Knock Off

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“New Style Ninja Tortoise”… From the creators of “My Tiny Baby Horse” and “Mrs. Potato Face”!

2. Pooh Bear

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It’s official: Winnie wasn’t exaggerating when he was talking about his “hundred acre wood.”

3. Can You Shave The Baby?

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The answer is “no.” I prefer my baby to be head-to-toe covered in Trump-like Cheeto hair, thank you very much. 

4. Worst Babysitter Ever

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Um, this is NOT what I meant by “Keep an eye on my baby”!

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I offered the guy $200,000 and showed up to his house with a crew of paranormal detectives. A month later, I ding dong ditched his house, left the doll on the front steps with a note pinned to her dress that read, “Why did you sell me, Daddy?

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