Box Office: Why Warner Bros. And DC Films Don’t Need To Restore The SnyderVerse

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Box Office: Why Warner Bros. And DC Films Don’t Need To Restore The SnyderVerse

We got word last night, via The Hollywood Reporter, that Ava DuVernay’s The New Gods and James Wan’s The Trench have gone from “probably not going to get made” to “absolutely not going to get made.” Neither announcement is a surprise. We’ve heard little-to-nothing about either project since they were first announced. The theoretical existence of both films served a skewed purpose which no longer exists. DuVernay no longer needs a high-profile studio gig in the aftermath of A Wrinkle in Time (she is doing whatever she wants to do) and Wan no longer has the time to focus on a spin-off of Aquaman with Aquaman 2 now of utmost importance.



The New Gods, presumably set in the world of Apokolips and starring Darkseid, Granny Goodness and Jack Kirby’s other iconic Fourth World characters, was announced just days after A Wrinkle in Time opened to poor reviews and soft box office. The news was greeted with a kind of relief that DuVernay would get the same “second chance” after a pricey bomb that a white male director might get. Moreover, it was intended, three months after Justice League tanked, to signal that DC and Warner Bros. would also pursue “outside-the-box” acclaimed filmmakers to match Marvel’s successes with Taika Waititi’s Thor: Ragnarok and Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther.


DuVernay is quite busy at any given moment, while Wan is going from a small-scale DC Films flick (which he was likely merely producing) to a mega-budget DC Films sequel which is he directing. There’s more to Warner Bros. than DC Comics movies. There are more pathways to success, especially in the streaming era, for a promising or proven “not a white guy” filmmaker than snagging a superhero movie or a Star Wars flick. Every studio has copious movies in development that don’t get made. Alas, every time someone takes a lunch meeting at WB we get “Nightwing/Lobo/New Gods/Deathstroke/Deadshot/Joker+Harley/Trench/Batgirl/ Is Totally Happening!” blog posts as if it’s a done deal.


One interesting wrinkle is that at least some hesitancy for the Kirby sci-fi fantasy was caused by just having seen Darkseid and friends in Zack Snyder’s Justice League which premiered on HBO Max weeks ago. The four-hour version featured not just Steppenwolf (the theatrical cut’s prime baddie) but extended cameos from Darkseid teasing Justice League sequels that will likely never be. If you wanted more confirmation that Snyder’s theoretical Justice League 2 and 3 aren’t going to happen anytime soon, there you go. If Darkseid was returning to conquer Earth, then a stand-alone “Darkseid kills everyone for 120 minutes” movie might be of some value.


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